Has anyone else noticed that the internet has been getting worse lately? It’s getting harder to find basic search results, seemingly every search engine has an AI generated results section that’s often inaccurate (Even you DuckDuckGo what happened??), EVERY SINGLE SITE requires a google or facebook login to get on now, or even just a login to see basic info. Hell you can’t even find a halfway decent result unless you add ‘reddit’ to the end of your search, and even reddit is going downhill since the boycott last summer. Nearly every thread I come across older than a year has deleted comments, sometimes the top comment. It’s sad honestly. This is why I’m a huge proponent for decentralizing the web, not every single thing needs to live on a Meta owned social media site. When was the last time you came across a forum, or better yet made a forum post?

It seems like we’ve traded useful information for flashy styles, short-form content, and social media. Even I’m guilty there sadly. Let’s not even discuss accessibility with all of these animations most sites now. It’s disorienting as hell, I personally get motion sick from a lot of the animations. Don’t get me started on load times either… Super fast internet is great! Until it’s down and you need to load a website on your phone, but none of the images are optimized and it takes 10 minutes to load the site.

Unfortunately I don’t have a solution and there’s not a point to this post, it’s just a rant brought on because I cannot for the life of me find a good weather radar site anymore. There used to be some great ones (Rip DarkSky) but now you can hardly find a 12 hour forcast. It’s just sad to watch what has the potential to be the greatest invention of our time decline in front of your eyes.

May 23, 2024